Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bilbo Baggins runs

I animated this 2D run with my own design for Bilbo Baggins, the hobbit from 'The Hobbit'.

Bilbo Baggins - Animation from Chaitanya Limaye on Vimeo.

It was fun to animate it, but a bit painful considering that I used an Intuos tablet for animating.  Lately I changed to a Cintiq for animating in 2D and it is so much more intuitive to draw with it !

Hobbit !

Some drawings I did inspired by the Hobbit. These were done in December 2013, when the second film was about to release.

Nariyal-paani-waala / Coconut water seller.

These vendors are seen throughout India, especially the South. They sell tender coconut water. Best way to quench thirst during summers.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

I am back !

One year ! I haven't posted on this blog for an entire year! There has been quite a bit of new things I have been up to in this period. So, heres a quick update.

At beginning of 2013 I animated for some time on Disney's "Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy" at Prana Studios in Mumbai. It released a few months back on Blu-ray and DVD.

Last July I joined MPC Bangalore as an Animator. Among the films we have worked on so far, Godzilla and Guardians of the Galaxy have released. GotG released a couple of weeks back and I really enjoyed it - a great blend of humour, adventure and action ! It is now one of my favorite Marvel films so far - right next to IronMan (2008).

A few months back I started a Tumblr and Facebook page for posting my artwork. I'll upload those drawings up here too, now that I have dusted off the cobwebs on this blog :)

Apart from the drawing/sketching I've been animating at home on the side - to push my Animation skills further. I'll post the shots I've animated in another post soon. I plan to keep this blog more alive from now on ( touch Groot ;) )

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Monsoon is back !

Monsoon is back ! June, 2013


Ballpoint sketch + coloring in Sketchbook App on Phone.
June, 2013.

Konkan Beach

Phone sketch, while travelling on a bus from Mumbai to Pune.
Trying to recreate the beach in Konkan I visited with friends this summer.
May, 2013.